Monday, January 24, 2011

Drink. Eat. Dance.

When I lived in Washington, DC I went out. All the time. I met friends for drinks, dinner, or coffee. I went to consignment shops. I frequented the bead shop. And I went to shows. A lot of them. Drive By Truckers. Gnarls Barkley. 2am Club. Raphael Saadiq. Mos Def. Method Man and Redman. David Banner. Girl Talk.

Six months in to my New Orleans life, I can count on one hand how many shows I've seen, and I can use the other to tally up the restaurants I have been to. I find myself drinking coffee at home, avoiding the bead shop, and going out involves one or two beers post-work.

During my visit to DC last month, I stomped around that city like I owned it...and still lived there. It was liberating, refreshing, and wonderful. I want to be that same girl in New Orleans. To know all the awesome restaurants, the best hole in the wall bars, the quickest driving routes, and the most enjoyable music venues.

I didn't move to New Orleans to be a slave to a job that I don't love, or eat at Subway because I'm too nervous to dine alone, or sit at home because I don't know what good bands are playing. I moved here to have new experiences and explore a city completely different from my previous home.

And that's what I'm going to do.

Do know, however, that no way am I miserable. So don't worry, Diggy! I have a couple of wonderful girlfriends, am dating a fantastic guy, and do thoroughly enjoy living in this city - and yes, sometimes, just want to sit at home with a glass of wine in my hand and Charlotte at my feet.

This is the year that I find myself again. The Return of Lucy. Watch out world.