Thursday, July 22, 2010


Happy one week anniversary to me! I've lived here for 7 whole days. During that time I've unpacked (my current closet is 4x the size of my Elm St. closet. Woo hoo!), built a seating bench (women at work- yah!), visited Ms. Mae's, Cafe du Monde, and Port of Call, sat poolside, and spent a lot of time with my "niece", Lola. I have also successfully navigated the streets of New Orleans without incident. Things are going well thus far...

Here are a few comparisons between my old home and my new home:
All scenarios have occurred unless otherwise noted.

Scenario #1
"Pardon me, um, Girl? Where could I find the toothpaste?"
"Furst, it's Gurle. And second, I don't know."
NOLA Home Depot
"Could you please point us in the direction of the light bulbs and wood stain?"
"Sure, what size bulbs do y'all need? They are right over here. The wood stain is on aisle 4."
5 minutes later.
"Have y'all found everything that you needed? Ok, great. Have a nice one!"

Scenario #2
WDC: A beer and a shot - $10.
NOLA: A beer and a call liquor drink - $4.50.

Scenario #3
WDC: Drivers speed up to hit you while crossing 18th Street, NW. Then yell at you for being in the crosswalk.
NOLA: Drivers slow down, let you jaywalk across Magazine, but don't use turn signals when turning onto Napoleon.

Scenario #4
WDC: "Hola, mamacita. Ay ay."
NOLA: "Hey skirt!"

Scenario #5
WDC: Drive around for 30 minutes trying to find parking. Fight with some MD'er/VA'er. Then get a ticket because you were double parked while attempting to move into your apartment on Columbia Road.
NOLA: Parking space and garage come with the apartment. And it's still cheaper then Adams Morgan.

Scenario #6
WDC: Live in the same building as Joy's Spa (aka Happy Ending Brothel - nope, not kidding). Encounter her customers when exiting our apartment (now that I don't deal with you sitting at my bar, I can call both you, Keith, and you, Matt, out for visiting said brothel. Assholes.)
NOLA: Live in a cute neighborhood where the neighbors don't want us to leave and find a bigger place with a yard.

Oh, and truthfully I still haven't been to Frenchmen...maybe this weekend.


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  2. I could have made it so much worse... :)