Monday, September 20, 2010

NOLA, I like you.

I had this post all figured out. It was going to be entitled "one year ago" and recount silly things I/we would have been doing on a humid Friday night in DC. I would laugh as I typed and thought about the Jameson shots, the Too Short songs, and the bama-ass customers. Then someone close to me here in New Orleans told me that I tend to dwell on the negative and consistently point out how DC or Seattle are better than, well, everything.

So, I'm editing my post idea. People keep asking me why I moved to New Orleans. From Seattle, from DC - why here? While I have no succinct answer or exact reason, each passing day provides me with another reason to love the city and to remain.

Here are a few of those reasons:

While I'm not a full Saints fan (yet), I love the way the city has rallied around the team. That on game day, everyone is wearing something Saints related, and that there are few cars in the city lacking a flag/sticker/decal declaring "Who Dat" or "Super Bowl Saints". I'll admit, I enjoyed wearing my Who Dat Nation tee today...and I'm watching the MNF game as I type.

Because I can get $1.50 Miller High Life at Ms. Mae's while enjoying a good conversation and watching my sister kick butt at air hockey.

Because two months in, New Orleans still has me beat. I keep getting turned around, and while it is annoying at times, it's also endearing because I know that I didn't figure out DC until 4 years in...

Because I enjoy hearing the boats on the Mississippi and the streetcars on the tracks.

Because I now know two ways to get to work, and three ways to get home.

Because I now say, "y'all", though I haven't made strides toward adopting "where y'at" or "heard that". Or maybe it's "heard dat..."

Because I've seen the tavern that LaDonna owns on "Treme" and can snicker since I know it's not in Treme...

Because I snuck into the abandoned Dixie Brewery and took pictures for 5 hours on a Saturday.

Because each person I meet has a story to tell, advice to give, or a new place for me to visit - from Katrina to spending Christmas in New Orleans - I want to hear it all, experience it, and take it all in.

Because every time I drive down Napoleon and pass the church on Camp Street, I think about miniature Jay's and Ian's chasing each other home from school.

Because I know how to say "Tchoupitoulas". And no, it's not "chalupas" per the Piggy brain.

Because apparently I can get a great burger and a beer, while being taught to play pool and do my laundry - all at the same BAR. Admittedly, I have only succeeded in juggling the burger, beer and pool parts. I'm lucky enough to have a w/d in house, but if that ever changes, Igor's or Buddha Belly will be my favourite places to hang.

Because I'm the owner of a really cool Water Meter shirt, and soon hope to obtain a Defend New Orleans one.

Because Frenchmen Street reminds me of 18th Street in Adams Morgan. Except that there is awesome live music, you can take your beer to go, there is no Jumbo Slice, and people don't descend upon the area just to hang out on the hoods of cars.

Because (for the most part) I know how to handle my car on the treacherous streets of New Orleans.

Because there are endless amounts of bars and restaurants that I want to try out.

Because I've signed a lease with my sister on a three bedroom, two bathroom apartment that has New Orleans charm.

Because slowly but surely, it's all starting to feel like home.

Oh, and the Saints won.
Field goal to beat the 49ers, 25 to 22.

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  1. I'm so happy you're enjoying it so much J. God damn I miss that city. Tulane is seriously looking like a great option. And don't forget, save the 3rd bedroom for me. I'll be home before you know it.